There has been lot’s of buzz on the net around CRM Idol, but many following the hashtags on Twitter or articles that reference it may not exactly know what it is.  CRM Idol was born just over a month ago and is the brainchild of Paul Greenberg who is the voice of anything CRM in this industry.  This week, Paul officially launched the American Idol like contest for CRM vendors.  It came about because Paul was blogging about how smaller CRM companies with good products did not get the visibility that they deserved in the industry.  The goal is simple, meet the criteria below or visit his blog, and become eligible to pitch your CRM product in front of Investors, and some of the most influential people in the CRM Industry.  Prizes are soon to be announced as well, but even without a prize this is a win win for any who can utilize the PR.  The visibility to Paul and his influential panel of judges will provide natural buzz around your product and get it in front of the most influential CRM experts in the industry.

Attached below is the criteria straight from Paul Greenberg’s blog.  If your a small or large CRM software product needing the visibility to compete with some of the leaders in the CRM Magic Quadrant, I highly encourage you signup today.  All sign up instructions and deadlines are on Pauls blog, and deadlines for submission is May 13th, 2011.  Tell us your thoughts on CRM Idol and let us know of a company that you think should be considered.

The Criteria

This competition is for small companies in the CRMish/SocialCRMish world. – see the categories below for some guidelines though please feel free to make the case if you don’t see yourself in the guidelines.

  1. You have to have software that is commercially available by the time of the demo – that would be in August – again see below. No betas, alphas, release candidates allowed. If we find that you’re not commercially available, and you have a time slot, you’re out and someone else will fill the slot. So please be sure that you can verify the claim if you want to participate.
  2. You have to have 3 referenceable customers that, if we care to, we can contact and ask about you.
  3. You have to have revenue under $12 million U.S. your last fiscal year. As far as disclosure goes, you have the choice of making the claim that you do – though that will have to be stated in your submission and we’ll trust you or you can disclose your revenue in the submission with the knowledge that only the permanent judges will know what it is. If you make the claim, please be prepared to back it up if we ask. Your call on how.
  4. You have to be willing to make a ten minute video if you get to the finals. More on that later.
  5. You have to fit a category – though there is some leeway there.

The Categories

The categories that we’ve identified to start are:

  1. Traditional CRM Suites
  2. Social CRM
  3. Sales – Sales Force Automation, Sales Optimization, Sales Effectiveness
  4. Marketing – Marketing Automation, Revenue Performance Management, Social Marketing, Email Marketing, Enterprise Marketing Management, Database Marketing
  5. Customer Service – all permutations
  6. Mobile CRM
  7. Customer Experience Management
  8. Social Media Monitoring – requires the possibility of integrating with a CRM technology
  9. Customer Analytics – including text/sentiment analytics; voice based analytics; social media analytics, influencer scoring, etc.
  10. Enterprise Feedback Management
  11. Innovation Management
  12. Community Platforms
  13. Enterprise 2.0 – collaboration, activity streams etc.
  14. Social Business
  15. Knowledge Management – this one requires the possibility of integrating with CRM systems
  16. Vendor Relationship Management
  17. Partner Relationship Management



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