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Great interview with the CEO of Get Satisfaction Wendy Lea. I had a chance to speak to members of her team, and she has a great group of employees. Wendy speaks about customer and company transparency in service and how organizations need to be social in their strategy for customer service. Check out her website […]

In this second edition of CRM Shop Talk, Denis Pombriant and Brent Leary share predictions on what major announcements will be made at Dreamforce 2012.

An interesting video and read about Airline Customer Service improving. A college professor, who has co-authored an annual report on airline performance, says the overall experience is better than it was five years ago when companies suffered a meltdown of epic proportions. The study focused on things like lost bags, delayed flights, lousy service, and […]

Hilarious video here from the viral S### People Say Series.

This video is a great introduction to KLM Airlines social support strategy. A company marketing their social support strategy is always a delight to see as it assures customers the commitment to using Social as a Customer Service strategy.  In the industry however, many companies are still not as committed to using social as a […]

Here is a great interview with John Tschohl on Tech Crunch speaking about Netflix’s poor response to their customers. I have to admit that as a Netflix streaming customer, I am considering canceling it. While I have not utilized it nearly as much as I would like lately, I find that this negative press around […]

In case you missed it, here is a great video done by ABC News about Call Center on sourcing trends which are bring customer service jobs back to the United States. Customer Service is a key area for employment growth in today’s down economy as more and more company’s learn from the pros and cons […]

This weekend we are promoting video tutorials to help you better interact with our site. Here is a quick tutorial on how to change your password on our site using the WordPress Platform.

Many Contact Centre books focus on delivering information and strategy for Customer Support Mangers, Team Leaders or Directors. Here is the first book focused on the Contact Centre Agent. This is the first I have seen for me and since I started out in this industry as an agent for over 2 years, I certainly […]

I am big fan of Dr. Natalie Petouhoff, and this video series completed by her is an essential view for those interested in rolling out Social Media as a Customer Service strategy. Check out her 3-part mini series designed to help you prove how social media can affect the bottom line today – and how […]

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