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According to a NICE 2012 Consumer Channel Preference Survey, consumers on are now using six different channels on average to contact service providers, and 86% say that they are communicating more often with businesses over all major channels, using the one that’s most convenient at any given time. That may be an online support ticketing, […]

A study conducted in 2010 by RightNow Technologies (The RightNow Multichannel Benchmark Report) indicated that RightNow’s customers typically experience between 10 – 30% of their visits to their Online Support Pages are from 3rd Party Search engines like Google.  Simply put, the more answers from your knowledge base related to your product appear on the top pages […]

The new year is upon us, and like every year around this time – industry thought leaders look back at the year in review and look forward at what will happen in 2012.  Below are some of my 2012 trends around the Customer Experience Software market.  In particular, I am focused on the trends that […]

One of our goals in the CS In the Cloud community is to expose and promote great solutions in the Customer Service and Customer Experience industry.  I have blogged about The Social CRM Customer Support Guide for Small Businesses, and as I was on the road this week – I stumbled across 3 new innovative […]

The Social CRM market is saturated with vendors, and when it comes to selecting Social CRM vendors with the right mix of customer support features it can become even more confusing. If your a small business struggling to keep up with supporting your customers on the web, via web communities, and across social networks you […]

If you been following the CRM industry over the last year, you can’t help but notice the fierce competition between Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Salesforce.Com.  Both are competing with each other in every possible way from Magazine ads, to several online advertising campaigns.  Just today, Microsoft released their version of the comparison that you can […]

There has been lot’s of buzz on the net around CRM Idol, but many following the hashtags on Twitter or articles that reference it may not exactly know what it is.  CRM Idol was born just over a month ago and is the brainchild of Paul Greenberg who is the voice of anything CRM in […]

As a small business owner, I personally know that the task of servicing my customers and prospects online becomes far more difficult as you grow your business. Smaller business’ rely on email, and phone support to handle incoming inquiries that can easily be resolved online. If your a small business with a website, you may […]

Are you have trouble getting your arms around the dozens of Service Applications that integrate with CRM? What do you chose, which solution should you buy based on your service and CRM strategy? Attached is a summary of high level service, sales, and marketing features to help your organization make the right purchasing decision. Update […]

Salesforce Answers helps companies crowd source knowledge from anyone on the web. In this demo, Kraig Swensrud shows the power

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