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Source: GetSatisfaction Blog by Caty K When you work in the social space, one of the first lessons to learn is how to plan for and respond to routine negativity. Regardless of what we’d all like to admit, not every customer is going to be satisfied 100% all of the time, and there will always be […]

This video is a great introduction to KLM Airlines social support strategy. A company marketing their social support strategy is always a delight to see as it assures customers the commitment to using Social as a Customer Service strategy.  In the industry however, many companies are still not as committed to using social as a […]

The new year is upon us, and like every year around this time – industry thought leaders look back at the year in review and look forward at what will happen in 2012.  Below are some of my 2012 trends around the Customer Experience Software market.  In particular, I am focused on the trends that […]

A new study conducted by a software company called Conversocial reviewed online responses to consumer Facebook complaints across Retail brands, and not so surprisingly they found less than stellar results.  The 5 day study, revealed those companies that lead in supporting customers on Facebook vs. the laggards who are ignoring customers on Facebook.  Here are […]

As organization’s strive to keep their customers as competition increases, we are starting to witness a shift from the current tactics to keep customers like outbound email campaigns to engaging customers on social. Particularly in the Travel Industry, Social is a popular engagement platform with frequent fliers and travelers alike. According to the info graphic […]

A recent article in Marketing Week revealed that Facebook admitted it’s failure to address the customer service issues of its users, developers, and businessses using their Ad Campaign solutions. A representative from Facebook’s strategic partner manager, said the company is currently dealing with customer service queries “badly”, because it is still relatively small in size […]

Hurricane Irene left me and my family with many questions about what will happen that the news couldn’t tell us.  As a father of a 5 month old, you always need to think ahead and prepare based on information that is locally and nationally available to you.  We were located just outside of Zone A […]

Measure online effectiveness of your knowledge base.

Delivering exceptional customer experiences on your website requires much more than a fancy flash designed website. Useful Content is generally the #1 rule to evaluate when going through a website Heuristic analysis. When you are trying to drive more self service across your business, there are a subset of rules to follow as well. The […]

A recent report published today by TSIA called “The current state of Unassisted Support” highlights the continuous downtrend in Unassisted Support channels on a company’s website specifically pointing out a company’s knowledge base as the last resort for getting support.  I posted a blog on this previously when John Ragsdale offered up a great blog […]

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