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Which Industry has the Best Customer Service on Facebook? [Infographic].

Software Advice, a free resource for top customer service systems, recently partnered with Salesforce Desk.com to find the top reasons companies buy or replace customer service software and the features they want most. These results came from analyzing data from 361 companies in the market for customer service solutions between 2011 and 2013. Why Businesses […]

Social networks have been hailed by many enthusiastic social media marketers as the holy grail of customer acquisition, retention, and revenue growth. But there is a gap between how consumers want to engage with companies on social media, and how those companies are using these social networks. Consumers need more than just a platform where […]

A great info graphic on Customer Empowerment.

When customers have a bad service experience, they don’t just get mad, most of the time they try to get even. A recent survey by ClickFox took a close look at what the repercussions are of a bad customer service experience. While 52 percent of disgruntled customers spout off to family and friends, an even […]

A great inforgraphic by Clickfox released this week.  Some key data points as follows: Twenty percent of respondents singled out Apple as the brand they can’t live without, with Coca-Cola, Google and Amazon also topping the list. Additionally, consumers indicated that they are most loyal to food and beverage companies (58 percent) and technology and […]

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