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Are you interested in supporting your customers over social media but want to justify the effort or expense associated with doing so?  Use this calculator to identify the benefits and value associated with supporting customers over social media and get a financial value to build a business case for supporting customers over social. This calculator […]

As I visit clients internationally, many organizations are consistently challenged with ways to measure self service success in their organization.  Since the web is often visited by anonymous visitors, many clients find it a challenge to measure the effectiveness of their web self service.  Particularly within the context of their knowledge base or help center […]

Live chat has been proven extremely effective for increasing online sales and improving customer satisfaction. Thousands of businesses have reaped the benefits of live chat on their websites. If you are still skeptical about the effectiveness of live chat, below is a calculator that can help you assess the sales benefits of using Live Chat […]

A study conducted in 2010 by RightNow Technologies (The RightNow Multichannel Benchmark Report) indicated that RightNow’s customers typically experience between 10 – 30% of their visits to their Online Support Pages are from 3rd Party Search engines like Google.  Simply put, the more answers from your knowledge base related to your product appear on the top pages […]

This past month and last, I have spent a lot of time with clients and my peers discussing how to measure web self service success.  Many clients get a web self service solution in place and are struggling with understanding how to measure the ongoing success of their implementation using key performance indicators or metrics. […]

Save yourself hours of time and analysis by using this Microsoft Excel template to build the business case for Live Chat For Customer Service.  The online version is below and you can begin calculating the benefits today, while the Excel version enables you to modify the spreadsheet to your needs and includes dynamic graphs to […]

On our community site aims to connect Customer Experience professionals with each other and there are several ways to do this through our private secure messaging, groups, forums, and sharing through blog thought leadership.  In addition, we partnered with a company called Persony who provides web conferencing and audio services.  In efforts to help our […]

This weekend we are promoting video tutorials to help you better interact with our site. Here is a quick tutorial on how to change your password on our site using the WordPress Platform.

Want to share your thoughts, news, or product on Customer Service in The Cloud? Creating a blog post on CS in the Cloud is easy. Use it to submit your blog posts, news, or any relevant content. To request access as an author, just email us here. Here is a video tutorial on how to […]

Many Contact Centre books focus on delivering information and strategy for Customer Support Mangers, Team Leaders or Directors. Here is the first book focused on the Contact Centre Agent. This is the first I have seen for me and since I started out in this industry as an agent for over 2 years, I certainly […]

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