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In the last two weeks I have spoken to alot of small to large size companies on their Online Customer Service strategy for supporting their customers. Whether it was at the UK CC Expo, or here in the states – I heard lots of companies discuss the best channels for support for their companies.  Many […]

Co-browsing, also known as “web touring” is particularly effective as it allows the co-navigation of many types of web-based content in a highly efficient way. If your new to the concept of Co Browsing, check out this Co Browse Video Demo using Dim Dim. Particularly in the middle of a chat support session or a […]

A study conducted last year by RightNow Technologies (The RightNow Multichannel Benchmark Report) indicated that RightNow’s customers typically experience between 10 – 30% of their visits to their Online Support Pages are from 3rd Party Search engines like Google.  Simply put, the more answers from your knowledge base related to your product appear on the top […]

More and more, the concept of the Net Promoter Survey (NPS) is drawing attention in companies/organizations that want to ensure that they have a good pulse on what their customers & clients truly think about them.  In practice, though, the NPS is pretty simple yet so many companies spend months trying to figure out what ways to […]

Measure online effectiveness of your knowledge base.

We are continuing our series on how to measure and benchmark Online Customer Service. Earlier this week I posted measures and benchmarks around your Online Support channel mix. This helped companies to understand what mix of online and phone support is being provided across the industry, and where a company stacks up against those who […]

I often get asked how do you measure the success of an online customer service strategy? Along with that question is what do I measure, and how do I know if I am performing well?  As a result, I decided to start a 3 part series on how to measure online customer service success.  The content […]