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During the past five years, the customer service capabilities of CRM suite solutions have matured as vendors have focused on solidifying the foundational building blocks of customer support capabilities. Vendors have folded new technologies such as social computing, business process management, decisioning, business intelligence, and mobility into their solutions to allow organizations to offer more-personalized […]

A recent report from Call Center Times showed that 78 percent of people are seeking customer support via their mobile devices. Our iPhones, Blackberry’s, iPads, etc. have become an extension of the self, turning us into a mass of digital natives. A group of people that are constantly plugged in. A group of people that […]

Take a look at this infographic below. It locates some of the most important small business CRM and Social CRM solutions in this space on a map and uses publicly available information to explain how they vary in terms of company size, popularity, social media presence, ease of integration, trust factors and mobile applications availability. […]

This past week the buzz in the cloud has been around a recent report released by AMI Partners around Small Business CRM Spending.  The report revealed that the software-as-a-service customer relationship management (or, SaaS CRM) market—already representing 570,000 U.S. SMB firms— is set to undergo double-digit year-over-year growth in the next five years. During this […]

Over the last month I have had the opportunity to evaluate and install vTiger CRM for my small business and for evaluation purposes.  My first impression, extremely impressed!  Now let me put this into context.  I have worked with nearly every major Enterprise CRM tool in the market.  When evaluating vTiger CRM, I was impressed […]

No Software Installation is required – Companies like Salesforce have branded the “No Software” logo, and several other vendors have touted that their technology is entirely cloud base.  However, this isn’t always the case.  As soon as you want to integrate with Microsoft Outlook, that this is no longer the case.  Do you want to integrate […]

We surveyed our community of over 1400 Service Professionals and Non Service Professional Social Media users on our Customer Service in the Cloud communities on Facebook, Twitter, and our website over the last 2 months.  In addition, we asked users of Social Media outside of our community questions on Social Customer service.  We asked the community […]

I work with clients all over the world and one thing they have in common lately is that they have all read about this new measurement that is, according to Harvard’s Business Review, more tightly tied to customer loyalty than CSAT. Now most if not all my clients measure CSAT and rely on it as […]

Product Literature sponsored by SearchCRM This directory was designed to be a valuable resource for those getting started with research or evaluating vendors in the CRM market. Inside, you’ll find basic information about the major vendors in the WFM market and the products they sell. Continue reading to find out which products are right for […]

If your reading this post, then you already know the impact of the very powerful Customer Experience platform by RightNow Technologies. Specializing in improving online customer experiences for companies, the platform enables organizations with key online capabilities like Live Chat for support or sales, a customer Knowledge Base with Intent Guide & Natural Language search, […]

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