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A new study conducted by a software company called Conversocial reviewed online responses to consumer Facebook complaints across Retail brands, and not so surprisingly they found less than stellar results.  The 5 day study, revealed those companies that lead in supporting customers on Facebook vs. the laggards who are ignoring customers on Facebook.  Here are […]

7 Virtual Customer Service Tips | Business 2 CommunityAnybody in business knows that keeping customers is a LOT cheaper than finding new ones. One way that companies keep their current customers happy is through customer service, which has definitely changed due to online sales. Here is a list of 7 ways you can let your […]

If your reading this post, then you already know the impact of the very powerful Customer Experience platform by RightNow Technologies. Specializing in improving online customer experiences for companies, the platform enables organizations with key online capabilities like Live Chat for support or sales, a customer Knowledge Base with Intent Guide & Natural Language search, […]

The Social CRM market is saturated with vendors, and when it comes to selecting Social CRM vendors with the right mix of customer support features it can become even more confusing. If your a small business struggling to keep up with supporting your customers on the web, via web communities, and across social networks you […]

There has been lot’s of buzz on the net around CRM Idol, but many following the hashtags on Twitter or articles that reference it may not exactly know what it is.  CRM Idol was born just over a month ago and is the brainchild of Paul Greenberg who is the voice of anything CRM in […]

Delivering amazing customer service means giving your customers many ways to learn about your products and services—including self-service. In this

A great read from Mashable identifying what elements of creating an online community will be critical to success. Check out Mashables article How to create a world class online community?

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