Navigating the Next Five Years of Customer Service

Navigating the Next Five Years of Customer Service


Learn 15 Trends That Drive Planning for Customer Service Transformation

How do you use customer service as a competitive advantage today? Are you struggling to balance cost and customer satisfaction?

The facts:

  • Eighty-six percent of customer service decision-makers say that a good customer experience is one of their top strategic priorities
  • Sixty-three percent say that they want their customer experience to be the best in their industry, and
  • Thirteen percent say that they want to be a leader in customer experience across all industries

But what’s the reality?

To help you better understand the future of the customer service experience, watch our Webcast with Kate Leggett, Senior Analyst at Forrester Research and John Perez, Customer Experience Strategist for Oracle RightNow.

PLUSRead Kate Leggett’s latest report, ‘Navigate the Future of Customer Service’, which outlines the key business trends that will unfold over the next five years, as well as Forrester’s solution for business process executives supporting customer service operations.

This 20-page Forrester report comes to you with Oracle’s compliments. Happy reading!


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