A big area that is rapidly being adopted in Online Customer Service is using online videos.  Video technology has introduced a better way for company’s to provide better online customer service, improve online sales, and it has even helped improve customer loyalty.

Pre recorded videos on common questions in a tech support scenario can help your company reduce it’s support costs by avoiding a call into the call centre with a more visual How To representation of the problem. For major retailers who sell products online, live video chat can help improve your online sales, reduce cart abandonment, and develop better customer loyalty.

So if your company has any service, acquisition, or loyalty goals – then read on to learn about some of the best company’s doing it.  Here are the top 6 companies that use video to improve the online customer experience.

  1. Lands End – This major online apparel retailer took a bold step in to Live Video chat last year and has experienced tremendous success since it’s deployment.  The video chat helps it’s consumers to view the apparel they are about to purchase and as further questions about the material.  The live chat is one way (Lands’ End staff won’t be seeing if you’re in your pajamas or not).  It’s got a training module for the clueless, so if shoppers click “Live Help,” they can choose “Find Out More,” or proceed straight to “Help Me Now.  You can learn more about the success of their effort via this Video Commerce article.  Live video chat is powered by a company called Vee24, and their online support experience is a custom home grown approach.
  2. iRobot Corporation – They make Roomba Vacuum cleaners, and their knowledge base and support experience is powered by RightNow Technologies.  What makes their support page experience stand out is that there is a video section with the iRobot Customer Care Guys.  The videos illustrate how to solve a variety of topics from cleaning your Roomba, to maintaining it with 2 members of the support staff to guide you through it.  iRobot even uses live video chat with it’s customers to solve problems in realtime when phone support isn’t viable enough to solve a complex troubleshooting problem that requires opening the device.  In these cases, the agent will walk a customer through the problem by walking the customer through the exact steps they have to follow to fix their issue.
  3. Starwood Hotels Preferred Guest Program – Starwood gets an A+ for trying to keep their customers loyal.  In addition to releasing a dedicated mobile app for their customers, announcing a new suite of social applications, they became one of the few companies to bring Facetime Customer Support into the limelight.  This is where customers have the option to speak with a live agent over video chat  While the use cases are limited for their business, Starwood discovered that this channel had the highest level of customer satisfaction.
  4. Verizon WirelessVerizon Wireless’ Video page has over 70 videos stored on their support pages and have put forth a lot of effort into educating their customers through their online customer service.  Their experience appears to be powered by a combination of third party applications for multichannel support, and custom home grown solutions for knowledge base and content management.  For a full review of their online customer service experience, you can check it out in my previous article.
  5. AT & T – Despite their reputation for bad customer service, this company is on the cutting edge of using prerecorded videos for online support.  Their video library contains content across a wealth of their products and most of their videos can be found in their knowledge base.  Their knowledge base appears to be home grown with elements of it’s live chat powered by other 3rd party applications.
  6. Sprint PCS – Sprint was recently recognized for improving it’s customer service, but their Video Page is incorporated into their knowledge base and contains a wealth of How To Videos for their online account experience and supported devices.  They also have a Sprint Youtube page where you can further learn about their products and services.  Sprint’s knowledge base is powered by Inquira.  It’s strengths in the overall experience are it’s ability to provide filtered and federated search within the experience. This enables a consumer to look at related content in the knowledge base by text answers, community conversations, or video content related to the keyword.

Who do you think is missing from the list?  Should there be a top 10?