A study conducted last year by RightNow Technologies (The RightNow Multichannel Benchmark Report) indicated that RightNow’s customers typically experience between 10 – 30% of their visits to their Online Support Pages are from 3rd Party Search engines like Google.  Simply put, the more answers from your knowledge base related to your product appear on the top pages of Google results for customer queries, the more reduced costs your business can experience by avoiding a call in to the contact centre.

The challenges most Service Professionals have is justifying the investment in Search Engine Optimization for Web Self Service strategy.  Companies primarily fund SEO efforts in the Sales & Marketing departments.  If your having that challenge, be sure to check out our Online Calculator to help you justify the investment.  Below is an Online Calculator that can help you complete your SEO business case for service by entering 5 variables.  These variables can be easily obtained from your Call Center and Web team.  Be sure to follow the steps below to learn how to use it.

Enter Your Baseline Support Costs 

  • Row 2 – Enter The Cost Per Call. Typically between $7 – $12 per call.

Enter Web Analytics Baselines

  • Row 4 – Input the current number of Visits to the support page per month.
  • Row 5 – Enter the current Percentage of Visitors that visit the support page from 3rd Party Search via Google, Bing, etc.
  • Row 7 – Enter the current percentage of answers in your knowledge base that your customers find helpful. Often, this is asked at the end of a knowledge base answer stating something like “Did you like this answer?”

Input Improvement Targets for SEO

  • Row 11 – Enter the Estimated Percentage of Visits you expect from Search after the SEO improvements.   The example above is an improvement from 3% to 5%.
Enter Cost To Implement SEO
  • Row 20 – Enter the estimated cost to implement the SEO strategy.
How It Works?
  • Calculation of Target Cost Avoidance Per Month – The calculator incorporates the cost per call (Row 2), the percentage of traffic to your site from 3rd Party search like Google (Row 5 & 11), and the Percentage of Answers customers found helpful (Row 7 & 13) to calculate the Target projection on cost avoidance.  This is a Per Month avoidance Cost.
  • Value of Cost Avoidance Per Year – This is the Target Cost Avoidance Per Month multiplied by 12 for a yearly estimate.
  • Return on Investment – Is the Value of Cost Avoidance subtracted by the Cost to Implement the SEO improvements.
Let us know what you plan to do with SEO and your Service Strategy.


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