Recent articles have been recently surfacing about whether or not Social Networks and company fan pages are Facebook Fan Pages are a common area for companies to connect with their customers. As a result, companies are responding to the trend.  You can check out RightNow’s CX for Facebook, and Parature for Facebook as an example.  These companies were quick to respond to the market to provide a solution that integrates their CRM offering, Knowledge Base, and Agent Desktop with the Facebook platform.

With the introduction of Facebook Video Chat  and Google Plus Group Chat via the Hangouts feature, the question now becomes whether these Social Networks will be the primary place for Live Chat or Phone Support?  My personal prediction is that we are about 1 year away from Voice over IP calls for Customer Service happening directly on a company Facebook or Google Plus site.  The challenge will be investigating how these existing features integrate into existing CRM platforms that companies already are using.   Google Plus has yet to announce an API, but it is on the way.  So it will be just a matter of time before you see the growth in applications.

What are your predictions in this area?  Let us know.


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