We recently surveyed the Customer Service In The Cloud Facebook Community which has over 800 professionals following our online conversations. The community consists of Customer Experience professionals at all levels. We asked folks on the network and in email, the following questions.

1) Have you ever used Social Media For Customer Service?

2)  Would you do business with a company that doesn’t provide Customer Service over Twitter or Facebook?

The Results:

  • 85% of those who responded indicated they used Social Media as a Customer Service tool one or more times.
  • Only 15% reported they never utilized Social Media for Customer Service
  • When asked on whether they would do business with a company that is not active with Social Support, only 33% indicated they would not do business.
  • An interesting 67% reported that they would continue to do business with a company even if they did not provide social customer support.

The fact that people who have used Social Customer Service are still willing to do business with companies that do not provide Social Customer Service is an insight to be investigated.  However, as companies invest in Customer Experience – platforms like Facebook and Twitter seem to be serious areas to invest in for Customer Support.