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What Jimmy Kimmel reminds us about knowledge management

One of the most profound short term needs in government is for a modern knowledge management system. Why start with Jimmy Kimmel? Those of you familiar with the US comedian ...

5 Songs to Improve Your Customer’s IVR Experience

It's 2012, and if your IVR hold music is lame then get with the program and start implementing some recent tunes that will put your customers in a good mood ...

Did you miss Oracle Open World 2013? Replay the Sessions right here!

If you missed Oracle Open World this year, you can certainly catch up by watching these critical sessions. If you have the Cisco Webex client installed on your Oracle Service Vision ...

Consistently Good Customer Service Has Knowledge at Its Core

According to a NICE 2012 Consumer Channel Preference Survey, consumers on are now using six different channels on average to contact service providers, and 86% say that they are communicating ...

Marc Benioff Discusses Being a Lasting Legacy


Great but awkward interview with Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff with Michael Arrington. Marc speaks on Bill Gates, Larry Ellison, and Steve Jobs in a humbling way. ...

Survey: Many Contact Centers Not Testing Their Solutions – Business 2 Community

Survey: Many Contact Centers Not Testing Their Solutions - Business 2 Community. ...

Which Industry has the Best Customer Service on Facebook? [Infographic]


Which Industry has the Best Customer Service on Facebook? . ...

Why Businesses Buy Customer Service Software [Infographic] – Business 2 Community


Software Advice, a free resource for top customer service systems, recently partnered with Salesforce Desk.com to find the top reasons companies buy or replace customer service software and the features ...



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social media
social media
Social Media for Business Marketing and How a Business Professional uses them with Successful results. What major benefits you see from social media today?, How Are financial institutions using social media?, How is Social Media affecting Credit Decisions or Scores? Hosted by Anthony Kovic Ch7Live.com Network. Directed by: Ch7Live Runtime: 1 hour 6 minutes Release More Info »
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Using this Excel Spreadsheet you can calculate the value and productivity benefit of using Co Browse in a Customer Experience Strategy. Preview the calculator below in it's embeddable form then add this to your cart to download the full Excel Spreadsheet file to evaluate and modify the spreadsheet, view the formulas, and incorporate it into More Info »
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Book: Award Winning Customer Service

Click on Amazon Link To PurchaseDelivering top-of-the-line customer service is Job #1 for most companies, an important factor in keeping profits high and customers coming back. Customer service problems can damage not just a company's reputation but its bottom line, so for busy managers -- and business owners with little time to search for solutions More Info »
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Excel Template: Estimate Online Sales using Live Chat

Live chat has been proven extremely effective for increasing online sales and improving customer satisfaction. Thousands of businesses have reaped the benefits of live chat on their websites. This calculator in Excel format will enable you to estimate online sales when rolling out Live Chat. By entering web analytics data on your web page trends More Info »
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